Spring – as captured by Filip Bramorski for Lacrosse

April is a good month to start a new project as the root of the word is “aprere”, Latin for “to open”. We opened 2015 with  a gift of a calander to our clients with photos commissioned  from young Warsaw photographer Filip Bramorski.

Filip is still taking some beautiful photos, encouraged, we hope, by our co-operation , as can be seen on his flickr page.

April in Warsaw is a treacherous month with both glorious sunshine and the threat of winter returning, so it makes for some great skylines and bursts of colour. Threaded with spring are scenes of destruction like the ones we have seen in the wake of Hurricane Niklas in the past week. Mixed with that is a cold wind that puts mulled wine back on the menu.

The wisdom of the Polish phrase “Kwiecien plecien I przeplata, trochę zimy trochę lata ” is  answered well by the Scottish saying ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May is out”


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