Kielce Export Forum

Lacrosse once again delivered a presentation as part of the UK export roadshow organised by the British Chamber of Commerce, advising companies on doing business with the UK, which continued its Odyssey around Poland with a conference at the Kielce Regional Science Centre in Chęciny, outside Kielce.

We were most impressed by the turnout of around 60 companies from the region, with those present including engineering firms, food producers and distributors and service providers.

There were several questions following a presentation by Bibby Financial Services, who provide factoring services for exporters looking to reduce their risk from payment delays on consignment or advice on reducing their exposure to clients who refuse to pay or are insolvent.

KMC Services were asked about some of the challenges that the Calais siege of the Channel Tunnel had brought. Meanwhile Ebury told us about currency risk. Sterling peaked at PLN 6.08 in December and is now at 5.72. We should have listened more carefully the last time we met.

Lacrosse’s presentation also concerned risk – the dangers of getting your approach to marketing in a foreign languages wrong.

The Co-organisers were the Świętokrzyski Province Marshall’s Office and Starachowice Special Economic Zone .

The event was filmed by local tv:

and covered on the Kielce region website:



In the main photo: Zbigniew Labocha, Radca Prawny,  Marta Smolarek, Konsultant ds. eksportu,  BPCC Kraków Maciej Winiarski, Dyrektor logistyki, KMC Services  Jakub Makurat, Dyrektor Generalny Ebury Polska Tomasz Rodak, Dyrektor Sprzedaży, Bibby Financial Services David Kennedy, Marketing Director, Lacrosse Polska



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