Wrocław Walk Again Project

Lacrosse was very proud to be able to work on translation for the “Wrocław Walk Again” project – experimental therapy involving reconstruction of patients’ severed spinal cords. We were contacted about the project by our English LSP colleagues at RP Translate, who have been working with The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (nsif), which has been making a significant contribution to the project. Due to nsif’s help, participating patients will not need to pay for their experimental treatment or physiotherapy. According to the “Wrocław Walk Again” website, the first operation of its kind was performed in 2012. The reconstruction of the patient’s spinal cord using his own olfactory glial cells from the olfactory bulb as well as implants from peripheral nerves was a success: the patient regained partial feeling and volitional mobility in his paralysed limbs. The experiment’s success, which was covered by world media, provided inspiration to continue with the project in order to assess the safety and effectiveness of the therapy applied. The continuation involves qualifying two patients with traumatic spinal cord injury, who will then be given treatment and physiotherapy. The programme will be conducted in Wrocław, Poland, by an interdisciplinary team of doctors and scientists. Lacrosse’s minor part in the project was to translate materials such as questionnaires for the Wrocław Walk Again website. We will be  following the project and keeping our fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

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