Lacrosse and The Republic of Y in 2017

12 prints from Dawid Majgat, The self appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Y grace the Lacrosse 2017 calendar.

Republic ¥ decided to share a series of its advertising posters with the world and has created many wonderful and exotic goods which delight consumers across the globe and beyond. Through this series of posters each product is endorsed by of one of the Republic’s local pop-culture stars, like: Kink, Ebola, Groth, Baroty, Angerjudie, Wildy, Bangkok, Manullu, Kupaua and many, many others.

Lawrence Fahrenholz, CEO of Larcosse writes: “We recently attended the opening of David’s exhibition at a Warsaw Gallery, and enjoyed the humour and intelligence of his “Colonial Goods of Republic Y” series of artworks, and we thought the images, which deserve some time to be savoured, would be an excellent theme for the calendar. Enjoy one a month and come and see some of the originals if you visit our offices”.

We will write more about the prints Dawid has included in the calendar each month this year.

film By David Kennedy


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