The Dukes of Mazovia Route information boards erected in Czersk

Czersk photo DK

We are trying hard to keep up with the sightings of the new information boards for tourists appearing throughout the Mazovia region. This one in Czersk, near Gora Kalwaria was seen on Saturday at the Mediaeval festival, which took place at in the grounds of the castle. The Dukes chose Czersk in the 15th century as a site for their stronghold due to its strategic position over the river Czarny. The festival gave the opportunity to try Czersk cider, made from the region’s apples, taste elderberry pie, made from a medieaval recipe and learn the arts of archery and sword fighting and try on historical armour. This warrior is wearing a Roman mask and crusader’s chain mail. The fascinating history of the Dukes was translated into Russian, German and English by Lacrosse Experts in Translation.



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